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Treatment for Prescription Drug Addiction at Casa Capri

A Happy, Meaningful Sober Life for Women Addicted to Prescription Drugs

Most people never suspect that a trip to the doctor and a prescription for medication could end up causing far worse pain than it was originally intended to treat.  Unfortunately, many common prescription medications are highly addictive; changing the chemical structure of the brain and causing increased tolerance and physical dependence in many patients.

The addiction treatment program at Casa Capri’s female-only rehab center for prescription drugs is a hope away from home for women whose lives have spiraled out of control because of prescription medication. Our unique program will give you or your loved one the tools and support needed to get your life back on track. Our compassionate, supportive, structured care will nurture and empower you on your healing journey. Help is here. Please give us a call now at 1-844-252-5221. We’re here for you 24 hours a day with open arms and open hearts.

Healing the Whole Person, Not Just the Addiction

At Casa Capri, we truly understand addiction, addiction types and what it takes to create lasting recovery. Our all-female staff is dedicated to giving every single woman who walks through our door the love, compassion and unique set of tools she needs to find deep healing and freedom from addictive substances.

Often women come to Casa Capri’s drug rehab self-medicating emotional wounds, past trauma and co-existing psychological conditions such as eating disorders, depression, and anxiety. We are here to heal the deepest parts of you with a variety of cognitive, behavioral, experiential and holistic therapies customized to meet your individual needs. Together, staff and patients act as a supportive family, creating deep bonds and a safe, empowering community atmosphere that is so beneficial in recovery.

What truly sets the dually accredited rehabilitation treatment program for prescription drugs at Casa Capri apart from other programs is our level of commitment to you. Whether this is your first time in treatment or your fiftieth, we absolutely care, we won’t give up on you and we will make sure that full recovery is within your reach. You deserve to live a life filled with joy and love and you needn’t wait another day to begin. Our process admissions team is available now to take your call, answer your questions and start you on the path to the life you’ve dreamed of; call us now at 1-844-252-5221.