How to Get a Loved One into Rehab for Percocet Addiction

Pills Being Spilled out of a Prescription Bottle to Signify Percocet

Percocet is a narcotic pain reliever and an analgesic. It is derived from opium and is part of the opioid drug class. These drugs bind to the opioid receptors in the brain, flooding the user with an intense, warm and fuzzy euphoric feeling, and blocking their feelings of pain. Unfortunately, the euphoric feeling is addictive and tolerance to medications like Percocet happens quickly. While a person’s pain may be blocked after a dose of the medication, their tolerance won’t allow for the experience of euphoric feeling. In turn, they begin taking more of the drug to find the high and soon find themselves addicted and dependent on Percocet.

How addictive is Percocet?

Opioid painkillers like Percocet are incredibly addictive. Opioid drug abuse has increased so much in the last decade that the United States government has declared it an emergency.

What are the chances of overdosing with Percocet?

Overdose rates to drugs like Percocet have risen sharply in recent years. In 2016, the opioid drug epidemic killed more Americans than the Vietnam War. It’s far too easy for someone to take too much Percocet without realizing their tolerance levels. They may even forget how much they’ve taken and overdose. Also, Percocet doesn’t interact well with other drugs, especially alcohol. Many overdose deaths are attributed to people taking the pills with alcohol or mixing them with other prescription opioids or central nervous system suppressants.

Does someone need to attend detox for Percocet abuse and addiction?

Abrupt cessation without medical help is dangerous, and drugs like Percocet give users intense cravings, long after they’ve achieved sobriety. In a medical detox center, patients are put on a tapering off schedule or are given replacement medications like methadone to reduce cravings and the dangerous, intense symptoms of withdrawal.

How can someone pay for treatment?

Drug rehab centers are staffed with knowledgeable professionals who know how to work with insurance companies to get the coverage their patients need. Also, most rehab centers will offer financing for persons who qualify, and the U.S. government provides low-cost, and in some cases, free treatment for addiction and rehab.

What can family and friends do to support their loved one in rehab for Percocet addiction?

Family and friends support is critical for recovery. Persons who are in rehab need to know they are supported, and attending therapy sessions with your loved one can go a long way toward showing them you care and are there for them during this challenging time in their life.

When encouraging your loved one to get help, don’t approach them from a place of anger, but from a place of patience and love. Point out characteristics your loved one has that show they can complete rehab and beat drug addiction.

Supporting someone and walking with them through the pain of drug addiction is incredibly difficult and tiring. Don’t hesitate to get therapy for yourself. If you know someone struggling with addiction, reach out to a qualified rehab specialist today and get help for yourself and your loved one.

Holistic Therapies, Nurturing Community and Lasting Sobriety

At Casa Capri, we offer effective, individualized and compassionate addiction treatment programs for women ages 18-45 who are addicted to Percocet®. If you or a loved one is struggling, we can help. Our unique program combines customizable behavioral, cognitive and holistic therapies with a nurturing family-like community to give you the exact tools, support, and structure you’ll need to find lasting, vibrant recovery.

We believe a sober life can and should be joyful and fun. Casa Capri’s rehab for Percocet addiction can get help to rediscover the happy, healthy woman you truly are. Why wait? Please give us a call today to find out how at 855-816-8826.

Deep, Sustained and Quality Recovery For Women

Your journey begins with a call to our process admissions team who will assess whether you’ll require a medically supervised detox at our in-house detox center. Due to the possibility of life-threatening withdrawal symptoms, it is often much safer and more comfortable to be under a doctor’s care as you transition off of all addictive substances.

Once your body is free of chemicals, you’ll begin your healing journey at Casa Capri’s unmatched and accredited prescription rehab program.  What sets us apart from the many other treatment centers out there, is our all-female staff’s deep commitment to healing all parts of you, body, mind, and spirit. You are one-of-a-kind, and so much more than just an addiction. So our innovative treatment plans are tailor-made just for you.

We get to the heart of the matter, working with you to treat and heal underlying trauma, eating disorders and co-existing mental conditions such as depression and anxiety. This is not a cookie cutter rehab. Casa Capri’s Percocet addiction rehab is deep, sustained, quality recovery for women. Pick up the phone and begin your journey back to life and love by calling us at 855-816-8826.


Our admissions counselors will guide you or your loved one through the admissions process and treatment options. Assessments are always free and 100% confidential.