Treatment for Ketamine Addiction at Casa Capri

Healing, Support and Recovery for Women by Women 

At Casa Capri, our addiction treatment program for women addicted to ketamine is unlike any other. What sets our prescription rehab apart is our wide range of innovative and healing treatment modalities designed just for women ages 18-45 as well as our team’s deep commitment to healing each and every patient who walks through our door. We understand young women’s unique needs when it comes to recovery because our most of our all-female staff is in recovery too.

Casa Capri is a sisterhood of support that will nurture, love and empower you on your journey back to health and happiness. It’s time to live again. Please pick up the phone and give us a call today at 855-816-8826. Our process admissions team is available 24/7 to take your call.

Holding Your Hand as You Heal Your Heart 

The first step in your recovery journey is Casa Capri’s in-house ketamine detox. Under a doctor’s care, you’ll be safely and comfortably tapered off all addictive substances. Next, we’ll begin your personalized treatment program, designed to get to the heart of the matter. Most women arrive in our accredited ketamine addiction rehab with underlying co-existing conditions such as trauma, eating disorders, depression, and anxiety.

At Casa Capri, we understand your path to healing will be unique to you and we’ll be here with you every single step of the way, providing the tools and unconditional love you need to thrive. Our treatment programs are designed to help you discard old destructive patterns and replace them with positive beliefs and healthy behaviors. Don’t wait any longer. Call us today at Casa Capri’s rehab for ketamine addiction and start your journey towards the life you love and deserve; 855-816-8826