Treatment for Heroin Addiction at Casa Capri

An Empowering, Supportive and Personalized Program to Heal Your Whole Soul

At Casa Capri, there is so much hope and healing for women who are addicted to heroin. Heroin is one of the most addictive and deadly drugs on the planet and those struggling with heroin addiction face an uphill battle and unique challenges on their road to recovery.

The expert all-female staff at Casa Capri’s dually accredited heroin addiction rehab truly understands the struggles and obstacles you face. We are deeply committed to your recovery. The structured and nurturing environment of our substance abuse rehab program is designed to foster deep healing, prevent relapse and empower personal responsibility. This is an addiction treatment program as unique as you are. Whatever your needs, values, and goals, we will support you with the tools and love necessary to transform your life. The time to start is now; give us a call at 855-816-8826.

Delivering All The Tools You Need to Create the Life You Love

Because of the intense and sometimes life-threatening nature of heroin withdrawal, women who arrive at Casa Capri’s rehab for heroin addiction almost always begin at our in-house medically supervised heroin detox. There you’ll find a safe and comfortable place to land while you’ll detoxify your body under the care of a doctor 24/7. Next, you’ll begin your treatment program, designed just for you by our team of psychologists, psychiatrists, and counselors.

Most women with heroin addiction face a variety of legal, family, emotional and mental issues. It may feel insurmountable but take heart. Everything, absolutely everything can be healed. We will walk with you, step-by-step as you make this beautiful transformation. Whatever you need on your journey, individual psychotherapy, acupuncture, marriage and family therapy, life and career coaching or something else, we have the resources and experience to bring you the exact tools you’ll need to build a strong foundation for lifelong recovery.

Don’t wait another day; a life beyond your wildest dreams awaits you. Casa Capri is the bridge that will get you there.  Call one of our compassionate process admissions team members now at 855-816-8826.