Treatment for Crack Cocaine Addiction at Casa Capri

Compassionate Care and Wholehearted Healing for Women Struggling with Crack Cocaine Addiction

The dually accredited crack cocaine addiction rehab at Casa Capri is a women’s only addiction treatment program unlike any other because you are unlike another. Whether this is your first attempt at getting clean or you’ve tried a hundred times before, we can help end the cycle and give you the personalized tools, skills, and supportive structure so you can heal your heart and find happy, long-lasting recovery.

Our all-female staff is deeply committed to you and your journey and will work with you to create a personalized program to meet your needs, situation, and goals. You are not alone anymore. At Casa Capri we will love you until you can love yourself and then we’ll love you some more. Call us now at 855-816-8826. We are here for you 24 hours a day.

Start Living the Amazing, Abundant Life You Deserve

Women who are addicted to crack cocaine often face a unique set of legal, family and emotional issues. Often they come to us filled with shame, past traumas, and a variety of co-existing conditions such as anxiety and depression. The substance abuse rehab program at Casa Capri Recovery is an opportunity to heal on all levels.  We have the resources, therapeutic programming, and deeply bonded community life, to help you learn to live again, step-by-step. Whether you need cognitive therapy, career and academic coaching, nutrition classes, yoga, or to have some fun on our adventure ropes course, we’ll provide everything you need to begin living a life you absolutely love.

Because the withdrawal symptoms from abruptly stopping crack cocaine can be very intense and unpleasant, most women begin their stay at our clinically supervised, safe and comfortable crack cocaine detox center. Under a doctor’s care, you’ll be supported as you clear all addictive substances from your body. From there you’ll transition to our rehab for crack cocaine addiction and begin your individualized program back to health, happiness and the amazing life you deserve. Our process admissions team is available now to take your call and start your journey at 855-816-8826.