Where to Attend Rehabilitation for Codeine Abuse

Codeine is part of the prescription opioid family. An analgesic and sleep-inducing prescription medication, codeine is a derivative of morphine. Although it is legal for doctors to prescribe in the United States, it is highly addictive, and part of the arsenal of drugs in the nation’s fight against prescription drug abuse.

Opioid addiction and abuse are on the rise in the U.S., and every day, more than 100 people will die of an opioid overdose. While opioids are highly effective in treating pain from surgeries and traumatic injuries, the risk of addiction is high. Many people who start off with an addiction to a legitimately prescribed painkiller will go on to seek and abuse harder drugs, like heroin. Fortunately, there is help for codeine addicts and their loved ones. The following article will explain how a rehab center can help someone beat their codeine addiction.

Is a detox facility required to stop a codeine addiction?rehab for codeine

Yes. Going through detox under the care of trained medical staff ensures that the drug is entirely out of the person’s system before they can begin the hard work of thoroughly beating their addiction in therapy. Also, stopping codeine cold turkey, especially if the person has been addicted for a long time, can be dangerous. Codeine addicts need to taper off the drug, and a doctor can help them do this safely to minimize the painful effects of withdrawal.

What types of therapies in a rehab center can successfully treat a codeine addiction?

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), group therapy, and family therapy are all effective methods of treating a codeine addiction. In treatment, patients are given support and the tools to learn how to navigate life stressors without falling back into old habits that lead to an addiction. Also, comorbid conditions, such as depression or bipolar disorder, can be adequately addressed and treated in a rehab center.

What are the rates of relapse for substance abuse and addiction?

40 to 60% of all people after receiving initial treatment will go on to relapse. This does not mean that rehab was unsuccessful. Most doctors and therapists see relapse as another part of the journey. With an ongoing maintenance plan in place from a trusted rehab facility, patients can stop the relapse from spiraling out of control. They can also address which parts of their treatment plan need tweaking to prevent another relapse from happening.

What are the options for paying for rehab or treatment for codeine addiction?

Some insurance plans cover drug rehab and detox. There are trained billing specialists on-call at drug rehab centers who can work with a patient’s insurance company to get the help they need.

For patients who meet specific criteria, some rehab centers will offer flexible payment plans. Also, there are government programs available to assist low-income individuals with getting the help they need to make a full recovery. Support is available for those who seek it.

What can someone bring with them for a stay in a rehab center?

Patients should bring a week’s worth of comfortable clothes, shoes, workout attire and swimsuits for their stay. A list of their medications and contact information for supportive family and their doctors is recommended as well.

Personal care items are permitted as well, but all toiletries must be alcohol-free. Also, weapons, or clothing that depicts violence or drug use is not allowed. Patients should not bring jewelry or items of value to the rehab center. While rehab centers are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items, they are responsible for getting patients the care they need.

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