Treatment for Barbiturate Addiction at Casa Capri

Find Freedom from Addiction with Our Proven Therapies and Safe Women’s Only Environment

At Casa Capri’s dually accredited rehab for barbiturate addiction, women find hope, healing and freedom from addiction. If you or someone you love is addicted to barbiturates, Casa Capri has the innovative and proven therapies, individualized treatments and safe supportive all-female community that will ensure lasting success in recovery.

Because withdrawal symptoms are dangerous and can sometimes be fatal, it is extremely important for those struggling with an addiction to barbiturates—such as Amytal®, Nembutal® or Fiorina®—to undergo a medically supervised barbiturate detox before beginning an addiction treatment program. At Casa Capri Recovery, our inpatient detox center is a warm and welcoming, home-like space where you’ll be nurtured and supported while you transition off of addictive substances. Please give us a call now at 855-816-8826. Our process admissions team is here 24/7 to answer your questions about our treatment programs, detox center and get you started on your path to a whole new, vibrant, sober life.

We Are Passionate About Your Recovery 

The caring staff at Casa Capri’s prescription rehab center understands the unique challenges women face in the recovery process because most of our all-female team is in recovery too. We get the complex and sensitive issues you face and we’re deeply committed to your success. We promise to will walk with you, side by side, on your journey to a beautiful, purposeful, sober life.

Our structured programs support our clients as they discard limiting and destructive belief patterns and empower them to practice new, positive, healthy behaviors. With individualized treatment plans designed to treat not only the addiction but also heal underlying issues such as eating disorders, anxiety, depression and trauma, the barbiturate addiction rehab at Casa Capri gets to the heart of the matter so you can live the life you were truly meant to live. Hope is just a phone call away at 855-816-8826. A life beyond your wildest dreams is waiting for you and it starts at Casa Capri.