Inpatient Ritalin® Detox Center at Casa Capri Recovery

The Ritalin® addiction rehab at Casa Capri is the beginning of your journey back to health, back to joy and back to life. No matter where the road of addiction has taken you, the road to recovery is filled with hope, love and miracles that you do not want to miss. Your first stop is our comfy and welcoming prescription drug detox center. Whereas hospital detoxes can feel cold and uninviting, our space is designed to nurture and support you as you transition off of drugs and alcohol. In only a few days time, you’ll be feeling like you again. Start your journey by picking up the phone and calling us now at 855-816-8826.

You’ll be under the care of a doctor the duration of your stay at our medically supervised Ritalin detox. In order to help ease withdrawal symptoms, you may be prescribed medication to keep you calm, comfy and relaxed. At Casa Capri’s accredited rehab for Ritalin addiction, your safety and comfort are our top priority. Our kind and compassionate all-female staff will be here for you with unconditional love and support every single step of the way.

After you’re clean and clear from addictive chemicals, the healing begins. Most young women struggling with addiction are often also struggling with a variety of co-occurring conditions and painful wounds. Whether you’ve experienced trauma, body image issues and eating disorders, mental health conditions or multiple addiction types, at Casa Capri we’ll design an addiction treatment program just for you, with the expert tools you’ll need to treat and heal your whole soul. You deserve to live a life you’re excited about living and Casa Capri will help you get there. You need not wait any longer to begin; your road to lasting recovery starts with a phone call to 855-816-8826.