Going to a Percocet Detox Program for Percocet Abuse

Percocet consists of the opioid hydrocodone, as well as acetaminophen. It is a very common prescription medication, and it’s often prescribed for people who suffer from chronic pain or given to patients after medical procedures.  People who abuse Percocet need to find a Percocet detox facility to assist them with their process.

When taken recreationally, it has narcotic effects similar to other opiates like heroin. Due to overprescription by doctors, Percocet is often readily available, and it’s thought to be one of the most significant contributors to the current U.S. opioid epidemic. Users of Percocet often develop a dependency on the drug, and may seek more drugs than they have been prescribed, or even turn to opiates like heroin to get their “fix.”

Percocet is especially dangerous because it contains a high level of acetaminophen. Though acetaminophen is not addictive, it can be toxic in high doses, and damage the kidneys and liver permanently and irreversibly.

Opiates like Percocet are extremely hard to quit on your own. Relapse rates after 12-36 months are often as high as 72-88%. However, with proper clinical care, mitigation of withdrawal effects, and a multidisciplinary approach to beating addiction, Percocet addicts have a much better chance of avoiding relapse and beginning their journey to a drug-free life.

Clinical programs for detoxification, such as Casa Capri, allow drug users to avoid bad habits, social situations, and other interpersonal factors that may cause them to fall back into their drug use – and recover in a monitored, licensed care facility.

If you or a loved one needs help with an addiction to prescription medication such as Percocet, it is critical to seek help from Casa Capri as soon as possible, to avoid a potentially lethal overdose.

How Casa Capri Helps With Opiate Withdrawal And DetoxificationPercocet detox

Opiate withdrawal is extremely hard to manage, especially if a drug addict is trying to quit using the drugs on their own. Serious physiological and psychological cravings mean that most addicts who quit “cold turkey” relapse soon after their attempt to quit.

The half-life of Percocet is about 3.5 hours, and it usually takes about 12-20 hours for the substance to be eliminated from the bloodstream completely. This means that, depending on the amount of Percocet taken, it can take between 12-30 hours for withdrawal symptoms to occur.

The most common symptoms of opiate withdrawal during the first 1-3 days of withdrawal include extreme psychological cravings for the drug, as well as anger, anxiety, and agitation. Muscle aching and other flu or fever-like symptoms, such as excess tear generation (lacrimation), a runny nose, sweating, or trouble sleeping are also very common in the early stages of opiate withdrawal.

After the first three days of withdrawal, other physical symptoms such as diarrhea, nausea, stomach pain, and nausea are common. The primary symptoms of opiate withdrawal usually last about 5-7 days in total, but the psychological craving for Percocet may continue for weeks or months.

Detoxification Can Cause Serious Physical Symptoms

The process of detoxing from opiates is quite challenging and may result in serious health issues. Opioids such as Percocet are incredibly addictive, so even taking the drug for a few weeks can result in physical and psychological dependence, due to the pain-relieving and euphoric effects of Percocet.

The effects of withdrawal can also be extremely pronounced. Nausea and diarrhea can cause dehydration, especially if they are experienced together. It may be necessary to have an IV to ensure that liquids are being delivered during withdrawal, as dehydration can be life-threatening, especially to a patient weakened by addiction.

Don’t Try To Quit Opiates “Cold Turkey” – Come To Casa Capri

It is extraordinarily difficult to quit Percocet and other opioids cold turkey, especially without professional inpatient or outpatient care. Percocet causes intense psychological cravings, and withdrawal is extremely unpleasant. Addicts who try to quit Percocet cold turkey rarely succeed, and often relapse.

At a qualified treatment center such as Casa Capri, medications and therapy can be used to help addicts endure the process of Percocet detox, and ensure that they avoid the worst symptoms of withdrawal. Several drugs are used for this.

Methadone is commonly used to help patients “step down” their opiate use. Methadone is an opioid that helps reduce cravings for Percocet and has fewer negative side effects, so it can be prescribed to addicts in a clinical setting.

Naltrexone is also sometimes used. This substance blocks Percocet from bonding to the brain, preventing addicts from experiencing a physical “high” even if they do continue to abuse Percocet. Naltrexone can also help mitigate drug cravings, which is one of the most intense symptoms of Percocet withdrawal.

Get Professional Help For Addiction From Casa Capri

Percocet is an extremely potent drug, and it is tough to quit the use of Percocet without the proper detoxification and rehabilitation. So don’t go it alone.

Whether you are suffering from addiction, or one of your loved ones is addicted to Percocet or another prescription opioid, Casa Capri is here to help. Casa Capri has helped hundreds of women in California beat their addiction, and they can help you! Call now for more information at 855-816-8826!

At Casa Capri’s accredited rehab center for Percocet® addiction, we are passionate about helping young women find the inner strength, hope, and healing they need to overcome addiction and lead beautiful, purposeful lives in recovery. When you arrive with us, you’ll begin your stay in our prescription drug detox center. This nurturing space is truly a soft, safe place to land for women addicted to Percocet. If you’ve been struggling, give us a call now at 855-816-8826. We will welcome you with open arms as you begin your healing journey.

Unlike a cold, clinical hospital Percocet detox, the warm and inviting medically supervised Percocet detox at our Percocet addiction rehab feels like a home away from home. You’ll always be under the care of a doctor who may prescribe medications to keep you comfy and relieve symptoms of withdrawal. We are dedicated to giving you the support and love you need every step of the way.

Through our work with hundreds of young women struggling with addiction, we have found that the addiction itself is often a way to self-medicate deep emotional wounds. Our approach at Casa Capri is to work with you and deliver a customized addiction treatment program with the tools necessary to heal on the deepest levels. You will heal from not only addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, but co-occurring mental health issues, eating disorders, past trauma, and multiple addiction types. We have the strength, skills, and love to help you overcome any and all of the pain you’ve been through, so you can experience lasting recovery and a joyful life. We believe joy is essential to sobriety and we are committed to helping you discover yours. Call us now at 855-816-8826.


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