Methamphetamine Detox Center at Casa Capri Recovery

No matter how many times you may have tried to stop before, the unique, structured and nurturing approach to recovery designed specifically for young women at Casa Capri’s methamphetamine addiction rehab, can help you stop for good and create a whole new beautiful life in sobriety. You’ll begin your healing journey in our highest level of care at our medically supervised methamphetamine detox. Unlike cold, clinical detox centers, our space is a warm, soft and safe place to land while you gently detoxify your body. You’ve been through a lot; let us comfort and care for you during this crucial step on your journey to a happy, sober life. Don’t wait another day, call now 855-816-8826.

Withdrawing off of meth is an intensely painful, frightening and potentially life-threatening experience and should never be attempted alone. From the moment you arrive at our drug detox center, you’ll be under the care of a medical doctor who will ensure your safety and comfort as you transition off of addictive substances. You may even be prescribed medication to soothe both physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms. We truly understand how difficult and scary this time can be. You do not have to go through this alone; the loving, all-female staff at our methamphetamine rehab center will be by your side every single step of the way.

Once you’ve fully detoxed your body and are feeling like you again, you’ll begin your individualized methamphetamine addiction treatment program. Unlike the many one-size-fits-all rehab centers out there, Casa Capri understands that each woman has unique needs and will require unique tools and skills to empower the deep healing needed to create lasting recovery. Whether you’ve been dealing with an eating disorder, trauma, multiple addiction types or co-occurring mental conditions, we are here to help you heal it all. Whatever life has thrown at you, we want you to know that you can recover and we’ll do whatever it takes to get you there, with loads of love and support. Long-term sobriety and life beyond your wildest dreams await you! Please call us today at 855-816-8826.