MDMA Detox Center at Casa Capri Recovery

The MDMA rehab center at Casa Capri is a one-of-a-kind program that treats and heals not only chemical dependency but also the underlying wounds and co-occurring conditions that young women with addiction face. Our unique customizable addiction treatment program starts with a medically supervised MDMA detox. If you’ve ever been to detox in a hospital setting, you know how clinical and impersonal it can be. At Casa Capri’s drug detox you’ll find a nurturing staff, a supportive yet empowering environment and a soft place to land while you detoxify your body. If you’re addicted to MDMA and struggling to stop on your own, give us a call at 855-816-8826. We can help you stop using and start living again.

Your healing journey begins under a doctor’s care. Since withdrawing from MDMA can be difficult and uncomfortable, we often prescribe medications to take the edge off and keep you relaxed and comfy. What truly sets Casa Capri’s MDMA addiction rehab apart from the many other treatment centers around is the passion and dedication of our all-female staff. We understand the challenges and obstacles that lie ahead for women in recovery because we are women in recovery too. Our team truly has your back and will support and love you each step of the way.

Once you’ve successfully purified your body of addictive substances, you’ll be ready to start your individualized MDMA addiction treatment program. Every woman who comes to Casa Capri Recovery has her own unique story and path to healing. Our goal to discover and heal your deepest wounds, whether it be trauma, anxiety, depression, multiple addiction types or an eating disorder. There is nothing that can’t be healed with the right therapeutic tools and a whole bunch of love. We’ve got more than enough of both at Casa Capri. It’s time to find freedom from addiction and create a life you absolutely love. Don’t wait another day to begin, call us now 855-816-8826.