Marijuana Detox Center at Casa Capri Recovery

Casa Capri’s marijuana rehab center is the beginning of a whole new life—free from addiction and full of joy, hope, and love. Your freedom begins at our medically supervised marijuana detox center. This supportive and nurturing space is very different from what you’d find in a clinical hospital detox. Like a cozy home away from home, we aim to keep you as safe and comfy as possible while you taper off marijuana and other addictive substances. In only a few days, your body will be clean, your mind clear and you’ll be feeling like you again. The road to recovery begins by picking up the phone. Give us a call now at 855-816-8826.

Withdrawing from marijuana and other drugs can be both uncomfortable and dangerous. At Casa Capri Recovery’s drug detox, our staff doctor will care for you during this difficult but necessary transition. Often, medicine is prescribed that can soothe withdrawal symptoms and keep you feeling calm and relaxed. Our caring and kindhearted staff is always available for support and to keep you company. In just a few days you’ll be fully detoxed, feeling fine and ready to begin the next step in your marijuana treatment program.

Successful and lasting recovery begins with a superior strategy. At Casa Capri’s marijuana addiction rehab, our experienced and passionate all-female staff delivers the therapeutic tools, life skills and unconditional love necessary to facilitate the deepest healing possible. Every young woman who comes to us receives her own personalized addiction treatment program designed to address and heal the underlying wounds and co-occurring conditions she faces. Whether it’s an eating disorder, multiple addiction types, co-existing mental conditions or trauma, we have the experience and expertise to empower your full healing potential. It’s time to create the life you’ve always dreamt of. Please call (xxx) xxx-xxxx.