Detox for Ketamine | How Can It Help?

Ketamine is a dangerous anesthetic used to treat animals and is often abused as a club drug. In order to detoxify from a ketamine addiction, one must enroll in a ketamine detox program.

Ketamine, an anesthetic, was first deployed in the early 1960s in surgery and invasive medical procedures as an alternative to PCP. Since then, it’s no longer used on humans, but on animals as an anesthetic in veterinary clinics.

Now, ketamine is a popular and dangerous club drug, used to gain a hallucinogenic ‘high.’ At high doses, users experience a near-death or out-of-body experience, known on the street as the ‘K-hole.’ Up to 3% of U.S. high school seniors have abused the drug in the last year.

The short-term effects of ketamine include rapid heart rate and high blood pressure, nausea, hallucinations, and in some unfortunate cases, fatal respiratory problems.

Can ketamine cause a psychological or physical dependence?ketamine detox center

Yes, any drug or substance has the potential to become psychologically addictive, and ketamine is no exception. Furthermore, ketamine is not physically addictive, giving it an incredibly dangerous appeal. Users do not think ketamine is harmful because a physical dependence on the drug can’t happen.

How painful are ketamine withdrawals?

Fortunately, ketamine is not a physically addictive drug, like cocaine or methamphetamine. But users can experience painful emotional responses when they are unable to use the drug. They may feel irritable, depressed, or have trouble sleeping after cessation.

How can a medical detox program help?

Sometimes, users will need to undergo ketamine detox to heal from a ketamine addiction. During ketamine detox, patients are supervised by medical staff and therapists as the ketamine works its way out of their system. Ketamine has a short half-life, and it is usually out of a patient’s system in about 24 hours. However, metabolic rate and age can affect the length of time it takes to fully detox from ketamine. Some patients may need to stay for several days in detox.

What is the most severe health issue to be concerned about during ketamine detox?

Sudden cessation of an addictive, dangerous drug like ketamine can cause depression in the user. During ketamine detox and rehabilitation, trained and caring staff are able to monitor the individual for any lingering, adverse health effects.

What is the next step after ketamine detox?

After ketamine detox, individuals are encouraged to seek comprehensive care for their addiction. Group therapy and one-on-one sessions with a trained counselor are recommended and highly efficacious. Afterward, a maintenance plan is put in place so patients can continue to live a healthy, drug-free life. Maintenance plans consist of ongoing meetings with a counselor.

During one-on-one sessions, individuals are encouraged to explore the reasons for their addiction, their triggers, and how to avoid them and make positive choices in the future. With group therapy, patients are able to communicate with and share their struggles with other drug addiction survivors in a supportive environment.

While ketamine addiction may not be physically addictive, the effects of a psychological dependence a person can form with the drug are devastating for the individual and their loved ones. Fortunately, a ketamine detox center staffed with trained, caring professionals can help patients beat their addiction and live a life free from drugs.

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