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Hydrocodone is one of the most commonly-prescribed prescription pain medications and has a serious potential for abuse. It’s been estimated that over 131 million Americans have been prescribed hydrocodone for pain in the last several decades – sometimes unnecessarily. Most commonly, the drug is in the form of Vicodin, a pharmaceutical that often also contains high levels of acetaminophen, which can cause liver damage. The only way to purge a hydrocodone addiction is by attending a hydrocodone detox center.

Prolonged use of hydrocodone can lead to physical dependency and a wide variety of psychological effects. Here is what you need to know about hydrocodone withdrawal.

When Does Withdrawal Start After Stopping The Use of Hydrocodone?

Withdrawal from hydrocodone and other opiates usually occur quite quickly after use of the drug stops. Initial symptoms can be expected to occur within 24 hours, though this may depend on the frequency and intensity of drug use. It could take up to 2 days for the most intense withdrawal symptoms to begin.

Hydrocodone withdrawal has symptoms that are quite similar to those of other opioid-based pain medications. These symptoms include:

Patients who are experiencing withdrawal go through mood swings, irritability, anxiety, confusion, and can even experience rage and serious anger issues, particularly if they are prevented from taking hydrocodone.

The physical symptoms of hydrocodone withdrawal include a loss of appetite, as well as enlarged pupils, a rapid heart rate and breathing, muscle cramping and aching, excess salivation, sweating, nausea, vomiting, and tremors. It can be difficult to deal with all of these symptoms without professional substance abuse care.

Insomnia is common among those withdrawing from opiates, due to the drug’s intense effects on the brain, and the release of dopamine caused by opiates.

Recovering addicts often present with cold-like symptoms such as runny noses, excessive night sweating, feverishness, and nasal congestion.

How Long Do Hydrocodone Withdrawal Symptoms Last?

Hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms usually end – or at least become less significant – after about 7-10 days. However, some symptoms may persist for weeks, or even months after discontinuing the drug, such as a psychological craving for the drug.

Some patients may also suffer from PAWS – Post-Addiction Withdrawal Syndrome – which may present as feelings of acute depression, tremors, sweating, intense cravings for the drug, and increased levels of stress. These feelings are mostly psychological but can persist for months after the initial withdrawal ends.

Is It Smart To Stop Using Hydrocodone Cold Turkey?hydrocodone detox center

In general, no. Hydrocodone is an extremely powerful drug, and stopping its use cold-turkey can be very dangerous, especially if you are not in a controlled, clinical environment. While withdrawal symptoms are going to be present no matter what, quitting cold turkey can be very dangerous.

By “tapering” hydrocodone use, clinical professionals can reduce the intensity of the most severe side effects, allowing addicts to discontinue their use in a more safe, healthy way.

What Medications Can Help Treat Hydrocodone Withdrawal Symptoms?

There are a number of available medications that can help ease addicts through the process of detoxification, and mitigate the most dangerous and uncomfortable effects of hydrocodone addiction.

Methadone is often given once a day, as it is a substance which helps reduce drug cravings, and can help prevent some withdrawal symptoms during long-term treatment.

Naltrexone is sometimes also used to help treat opiate addicts. Unlike methadone, it does not prevent withdrawal symptoms. Instead, it helps block the receptors in the brain that respond to opiates – preventing users from getting any kind of “high” from hydrocodone, and reducing the risk of relapse.

Other medications such as antidiarrheals, over-the-counter painkillers, and even sleeping aids are prescribed to help with some of the other physical side-effects of withdrawal.

How Can A Hydrocodone Detox Program Help?

Medical hydrocodone detox programs for prescription medication abuse are a useful tool for recovery. A medical hydrocodone detox program allows addicts to recover in a controlled, clinical environment, where the worst side effects of detoxification can be mitigated.

Nurses, doctors, and other clinical staff work to provide medication and treatment options that allow for a more smooth and comfortable addiction treatment process.

In turn, this helps reduce the risk of relapse, and ensure that patients are able to “kick their habit” safely. According to the NIH, medical hydrocodone detox programs, including those that use methadone, are more effective for treating hydrocodone and opiate abuses, compared to non-clinical therapy options. 

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Due to the intense and sometimes dangerous nature of withdrawals, you’ll be under the care of a doctor during your stay in detox and may even be prescribed medications to keep you comfortable and ease your symptoms. Your wellbeing is very important to us and we’ll keep you safe and secure throughout this critical step. Once you’re feeling better, the healing journey begins with a customized addiction treatment program designed just for you.

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