How Can a Detox Program Help for Crack Cocaine Addiction?

Crack cocaine is a specialized form of cocaine that is smoked, rather than “gummed” or snorted. First becoming prevalent in the 1980s, crack offers a longer-lasting high than snorted cocaine. It produces a rush of euphoria, and a feeling of mental alertness and “edginess”. It’s also extremely addictive, and use of crack cocaine can be lethal and requires crack cocaine detox.

Overdosing on crack cocaine can lead to serious side effects such as a rapid heartbeat, a high body temperature, and muscleCrack Cocaine Detox Detoxification Rehab twitches. In extreme cases, seizures and heart attacks may result from a crack cocaine overdose.

Detoxification from crack cocaine is very difficult. The physical craving for the drug can be extraordinarily strong, and other symptoms include irritability, paranoia, and strange, erratic, or dangerous behavior.

Because of this, a crack cocaine detox and rehab program is usually recommended for the treatment of crack cocaine addiction. It is much easier to beat a crack cocaine addiction in a supportive, supervised environment.

Here are some of the most frequently-asked questions about crack cocaine addiction. Read on, and learn more about treatment programs, and how they can help with the addiction of crack cocaine.

Yes. Crack cocaine has a profound effect on both physical and mental health. Physical dependence is caused by the overuse of reward pathways in the brain. In turn, this causes psychological dependence.

People who use crack cocaine often can think of nothing except their next high – and they will show symptoms of both psychological and physical dependence during withdrawal.



This depends on the severity of crack use, and the physiology of the individual. However, symptoms usually occur from within 1-72 hours of the last use of crack cocaine.

These symptoms include anxiety, exhaustion, irritability and rage, mood changes, profound cravings for the drug, shaking, inability to sleep, concentrate or feel pleasure, and a number of other unpleasant physical and psychological symptoms.


Physical withdrawal symptoms, such as shaking and physical cravings for crack cocaine, can last from 1-3 months, depending on the user. Psychological effects can persist for 6+ months or longer, depending on the individual.

As a rule, no – except in a supervised environment. If an addict tries to quit using crack cocaine cold turkey, they will likely fail completely – and at worst, the physical effects of acute withdrawal could end up killing them. Suicidal thoughts can be very common during withdrawal, and failure to address these can lead to death or injury to others.


Medical crack cocaine detox programs allow for the controlled, supervised detoxification of addicts. An addict can be closely monitored, and other drugs and therapies can be introduced to help mitigate the most severe effects of drug addiction.

Because of the various physical, psychological, and mental effects of crack cocaine withdrawal, professional treatment at a recovery center such Casa Capri is strongly recommended.

No matter how dark it may seem or how many times you’ve tried to quit before, there is an abundance of hope and healing for young women struggling with crack cocaine addiction at Casa Capri Recovery. At our crack cocaine rehab center, we have the tools, integrative therapeutic approaches, and dedicated, loving staff to support your journey to long-term recovery. Your program begins with a stay at our drug detox center. Unlike standard hospital detoxes, which are clinical and cold, our medically supervised crack cocaine detox is warm, welcoming and feels like home. You’ll be nurtured and supported by our all-female staff as you safely and gently transition off all addictive chemicals. Hope is just a phone call away at 855-816-8826.

Withdrawing off of drugs and alcohol can be extremely uncomfortable as well as dangerous. You’ll be under the care of a medical doctor 24 hours a day while you detoxify at Casa Capri’s crack cocaine addiction rehab. In order to keep you safe and soothe withdrawal symptoms, your doctor may prescribe you medication. Your comfort and safety are of utmost importance to us, we promise to support and love you through this difficult but necessary step.

Once you’re free from chemicals, you’ll be feeling much better and ready to start your personalized addiction treatment program. Unlike other treatment centers, Casa Capri’s crack cocaine addiction treatment is about much more than just stopping drugs, it’s about healing the individual. Most women come to us with sensitive and complex co-occurring conditions of which addiction is often just a symptom. Lasting sobriety comes from getting to and healing your core issues. Whether you’ve struggled with multiple addiction types, eating disorders, trauma, anxiety or depression, our comprehensive and customizable programming will empower you to heal on all levels so you can find the deep peace and the happy sober life you’ve always dreamed of. Don’t wait another day to begin the journey; call us now at 855-816-8826.


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