Inpatient Barbiturate Detox Center at Casa Capri Recovery

At the dually accredited barbiturate addiction rehab at Casa Capri, our loving and experienced staff is passionate about your recovery. We know what it takes for young women to achieve quality, long-term sobriety because most of our all-female team of doctors, therapists and counselors are in recovery too. The journey begins with a stay at our medically supervised barbiturate detox. This nurturing, home-like environment is a safe space to rest as you are gently tapered off addictive barbiturates, such as Amytal® or Nembutal®.  You’ve struggled long enough. Hope and healing are just a phone call away at 855-816-8826.

If you or someone you love is addicted to barbiturates, Casa Capri’s prescription drug detox center can help you safely and comfortably transition off addictive substances and avoid intense, painful and potentially dangerous withdrawals. Our staff doctors are on call 24/7 and may prescribe medication to relieve acute symptoms and keep you relaxed and comfy. In only a few days you’ll be feeling like yourself again and ready to move to the inpatient phase of treatment.

Casa Capri’s individualized approach and customizable addiction treatment programs at our barbiturate addiction rehab are as unique as you are. Whatever your needs require—whether you’re dealing with co-existing addiction types, dual diagnosis’, anxiety, depression, eating disorders or trauma—we have the personalized therapies and holistic healing modalities to give you the tools and skills you’ll need to create a life you’re truly excited about living. It’s time to thrive. Don’t wait another day to begin this amazing journey, call now 855-816-8826.