End Addiction to Sleeping Pills at Casa Capri Recovery

Wake Up to a Whole New, Beautiful Life 

Sleep is essential to a healthy, happy and balanced life. But once your healthy sleep cycle has been interrupted—whether caused by drug and alcohol addiction or an overuse of sleeping pills—it can be impossible to get back on track on your own. At Casa Capri Recovery, our individualized and holistic approach to recovery includes treatment for sleeping pill addiction. If you’re wondering how to quit taking sleeping pills so you can find balance, rest easy and awaken to your life, call us now at 855-816-8826.

Our dually accredited, women’s only addiction treatment programs are one-of-a-kind because you are one-of-a-kind. No matter what you’ve struggled with, whether you’re sleeping pill addiction includes a co-occurring addiction to heroin, opiates, Adderall or MDMA, our structure, support and a wide variety of treatment modalities deliver exactly the tools you need to find freedom from all of your addictions.

A Recipe for Healing

In both our alcohol rehab and drug rehab centers, young women find an abundant assortment of therapeutic tools and programs designed for healing, growing and creating a truly spectacular new life.  From individual and family therapies to life purpose coaching, equine therapy, meditation, and yoga, we have all the ingredients you’ll need to create a life full of purpose and passion that you are truly excited for.

If you have questions about how we can help you quit taking sleeping pills and other addictive substances, need help with insurance or just want to chat more, please do give us a call at 855-816-8826. Our friendly and knowledgeable intake team will answer your call 24/7 so don’t wait. A life beyond your wildest dreams is possible and it begins at Casa Capri.