Acute Stress Therapy and Substance Abuse Rehab Center at Casa Capri Recovery

Learn to Manage Stress, Let Go of Worry and Find Balance in Recovery 

Acute stress disorder is characterized by severe anxiety and panic following a traumatic event and it’s quite common among young women struggling with substance abuse. At Casa Capri Recovery, we have the therapeutic tools clients need to learn healthy ways to manage stress and heal trauma so they can prevent relapse and find quality, lasting sobriety.  You can get help for substance abuse, PTSD and acute stress disorder at Casa Capri’s nurturing, supportive and dually accredited alcohol rehab and drug rehab centers. You need not wait another day to begin your healing journey back to life. Please, pick up the phone and call us now at 855-816-8826.

Our all-female staff of doctors, psychologists, addiction counselors and holistic health practitioners is the best around. Together, our team will craft an addiction treatment program designed just for you; your need, values, and goals. We have over 28 innovative and proven treatment modalities that include the newest approaches and technology in addiction treatment today. You can choose from individual or group therapy, brain mapping, EMDR, trauma therapy, massage, yoga, and many more.

Unconditional Love, Deep Healing and a Sisterhood of Support

No doubt if you’re dealing with acute stress and a substance abuse disorder, you’ve been through a lot. We are passionate about helping young women just like you, heal the past and create a beautiful, vibrant future—free of addictive chemicals and fear. Casa Capri is a safe, secure family-like environment where you’ll be surrounded by a sisterhood of women that support one another on this new and joyful journey.

We are here to love you until you can love yourself. Please give us a call and give yourself a real chance at recovery. Our compassionate, friendly intake team is available round the clock to take your call, answer questions and get you on the road to sweet sobriety. Call now; 855-816-8826.