Wellness Program in Addiction Treatment At Casa Capri Recovery

Holistic Treatment and Wellness During Addiction Recovery

Drug abuse and addiction are horrible diseases that devastate millions of lives every year in the United States. Recent surveys indicate that half of all U.S. citizens know a close friend or family member who has struggled with drug addiction. On average, women have lower rates of drug abuse and addiction than men, but women are at increased risk of experiencing ongoing drug cravings and therefore, relapsing.

Drug addiction and abuse take over every facet of a person’s life until all they can do is think about ways to obtain drugs and keep withdrawal symptoms at bay. Finances and careers are decimated and sidetracked. Friends and family may abandon the person who is addicted. Relationships suffer significantly from the strain of drug abuse and addiction.

Furthermore, almost half of all people who enter rehab in the U.S. are struggling with a comorbid mental health disorder. In many cases, the individual was self-medicated away painful, untreated symptoms of a psychological disease. In addition, drug abuse leads to nutritional deficiencies and adverse health effects. It’s crucial that people who enter rehab get treatment for other areas of their lives which have been negatively affected by drug abuse.

Fortunately, there are progressive drug rehabilitation centers that believe in and administer effective holistic treatment methods for their patients. Patients not only safely detox from drugs, doctors and therapists also embark on healing all aspects of the patient’s life, including their diet, physical fitness, and emotional well being.

What foods are most beneficial to women’s health?

Women who’ve struggled with drug addiction may present with severe nutritional deficiencies when they first enter a rehab center. Women have unique dietary needs which change as they get older or go through pregnancy and childbirth. Women need an increased intake of calcium and iron. Leafy green vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products, like Greek yogurt, are some of the most beneficial foods for women’s health. In a drug rehab center, the patient’s dietary needs are addressed so they can make a full recovery from the nutritional deficiencies of drug addiction and abuse.

What are good exercise options for older women?

As women age, their metabolisms will slow down, making it hard to keep a balanced weight and keep joints healthy from arthritis. Women who are older may have a harder time with exercise. Watersports can help women maintain a healthy weight and also strengthen joints without feeling the pain of arthritis. Low-impact sports such as walking, yoga, pilates, and cycling are also beneficial for older women. These exercises are easy on the knees, hips, and feet.

Osteoporosis is a huge risk for women as they age. It can lead to increased fractures in older women and is a painful and potentially dangerous health condition. Weight training has been shown to strengthen the joints, muscles, and bones in older women and reverse and prevent the risk of osteoporosis and bone fractures.

What holistic techniques are used in a rehab center to help patients find balance?

Holistic techniques aim to treat the entire patient, from their physical ailments to their emotional ones. Playing team sports can help patients in rehab with their physical fitness. Team sports can also give patients a health boost of self-esteem and confidence, and also provide them with a sense of camaraderie and fellowship with other rehab patients. Physical activity is proven to naturally boost endorphins and dopamine in the brain, too, which can help patients feel an increased sense of well-being and happiness.

Some rehab centers offer massage and touch therapy, or reiki, during the recovery process. Massage and Reiki can also increase feelings of well-being, satisfaction, and comfort in those who are going through recovery. Patients who’ve been through rehab before may find a holistic treatment plan more effective at treating their addiction and keeping them from relapsing.

Stress is a known trigger for drug abuse and relapse. Poor health is stressful on the body, and poor nutrition can trigger cravings for drugs. Holistic treatment seeks to help patients achieve and maintain good health and eating habits and reduce their stress levels. Patients who are given a blueprint for healthy living while in rehab can continue these good habits once life outside of rehab begins. With stress triggers reduced, those in recovery for drug addiction can significantly lessen their chances of relapsing. At a progressive treatment center that believes in holistic healing, women who are struggling with drug addiction can get the help they need to bring healing to all facets of their life.


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