Transition to Freedom and Long-Term Sobriety at Casa Capri Recovery

Our Ongoing Continuum of Care and Commitment to You

Addiction doesn’t go away after a person has completed an addiction treatment program. In reality, graduating from Casa Capri Recovery’s dually accredited residential addiction treatment facility is just the beginning of your recovery journey. It’s our commitment to every single woman who walks through our door to do whatever it takes to help them achieve lasting sobriety and live a life full of meaning, purpose, and joy.

Our post-treatment support programs offer ongoing step-down assistance as you build your new life in recovery. We encourage all our graduates to stay connected and involved in our recovery community through Casa Capri’s alumni program. We also offer a variety of post-rehab life skills classes—such as our wellness program and nutritional program—that give you the tools to live healthy and happy in sobriety. It’s time to live again. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, please call us today at 855-816-8826.

Support that Lasts a Lifetime 

Whatever your dreams and goals, we are here to help make them a reality. Many of our alumni continue to live nearby and are active in both the Casa Capri community as well as the southern California’s vibrant recovery community. The connections you make during your stay at Casa Capri will become the life-long friendships and support systems that will make life wonderful and worthwhile as you continue your journey in recovery and life.

Ready to begin your wonderful and worthwhile sober life? Pick up the phone and give us a call today at 855-816-8826. Our staff is here with open arms to talk, answer questions and guide you as you begin your road to joyful, long-lasting recovery.