Physical Fitness Therapy in Addiction Treatment at Casa Capri Recovery

Exercise Feels Excellent 

Early sobriety is an uncomfortable and emotional place to be. Now that you’ve eliminated the numbing effects of drugs and alcohol, it’s common to begin feeling your feelings with an intensity that can be overwhelming. At Casa Capri’s drug and alcohol rehab centers, we have tools to help you manage your emotions and start feeling better right away. Our physical fitness therapy program offers young women the chance to explore a variety of fun, challenging and adventuresome fitness activities in and around our southern California campus.

The personalized addiction treatment programs as Casa Capri are tailor-made to meet your individual situation, needs, and values. Combining the newest healing technologies and enjoyable community-building activities with our traditional addiction treatment methods, we’ve got exactly what you need to reclaim your joy and rebuild your life. Please give us a call to learn more today at 855-816-8826.

Move Your Way into a Great Mood

Moving your body has a positive effect on your mood and your mind. Just 20-30 minutes of moderate exercise can release enough endorphins, the feel-good chemical in your brain, to lift your spirits and keep you feeling happy for hours. As part of our dually accredited holistic substance abuse treatment program, we’ve got plenty of fitness activities to choose from such as tai chi, yoga, ropes course therapy, adventure therapy or even just a walk along the beach with a friend.

Your happy, healthy life is waiting for you at Casa Capri Recovery. Please pick up the phone and call us at 855-816-8826 to find out more about how our innovative addiction treatment methods can deliver the tools you’ll need to feel great and live well in sobriety.