Holistic Addiction Treatment at Casa Capri Recovery

Holistic Healing for Happy, Whole Women 

Addiction is a disease that touches every part of your life, so an effective addiction treatment program needs to address, treat and heal every part of your life too. Casa Capri is a holistic rehab center for addiction treatment that heals you on all levels; body, mind, and spirit. Incorporating a variety of holistic therapies such as yoga, meditation, dance therapy and activities to explore your spirituality. Your personalized addiction treatment program delivers the tools you’ll need for deep healing and profound growth.

Your journey to wholeness starts with a phone call to 855-816-8826. We are here to love and support you as you begin this new and beautiful way of life.

What is Holistic Substance Abuse Treatment? 

The holistic approach to treating drug and alcohol addiction at Casa Capri is about healing the whole person. We combine expert addiction therapy and proven 12-step based programming with real life practices that help young women create new healthy habits and coping mechanisms to navigate life and sobriety. Our dually accredited inpatient rehab center that includes both a drug rehab and alcohol rehab, incorporates a wide variety of proven, holistic tools that give young women the best possible chance at lasting recovery.

We are here to help you heal your whole soul. It all begins with a call to our compassionate intake team at 855-816-8826. We look forward to hearing from and healing with you.