Greg Rosenbaum

Greg Rosenbaum
Director of Business Development

Greg is originally from Birmingham Alabama. He is a graduate of The University of Alabama with a focus in Commerce and Business Administration. Graduating in 2009, Greg began his career as New Business Analyst at a Fortune 500 Life Insurance Company. In 2012 his life took a drastic turn and he found himself in Southern California on a brand new path. His work in the treatment field began humbly, as he rose to the top of the heap quickly. His experience in nearly every department allows him to be of maximum service to clients and families as they navigate their journey towards recovery.

Whether Greg is working with a referent, family member or a client, his professionalism and southern hospitality shines through. He finds passion in connecting people to recovery as he was and seeing peoples lives change.

“Process guarantees success. A good process produces good results” -Nick Saban